Sunday, February 5, 2012

SPE versions

If you use SPE version 0.8.4 instead of version 0.8.3 none of the earlier mentioned problems occur. It is a bit strange that if you go to the sourceforge download site for SPE you get 0.8.3 as the recommended version. If you download from the archive link on the SPE blog you can download version 0.8.4.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

more SPE problems

After posting how to get SPE running on python(x,y) and openSUSE I wanted to continue working on the python script I was until now editing with SciTE. When I actually wanted to edit my python file in SPE it did not accept any keyboard input in the main editor window (it gives errors in _spe\sm\wxp\ Rather inconvenient for an editor. On the internet I found one posting of the same problem. Unfortunately this time without a solution. By chance I found this website which gave me the idea to simply replace the two calls to event.KeyCode() in the file with event.GetKeyCode(). Now everything seems to work (both on openSUSE and python(x,y)).

spe python(x,y) wxPython2.8 problems

On Ubuntu the nice python editor from Stani (SPE) has started to behave strange since a recent Ubuntu upgrade. When scrolling with the wheel on the mouse lines get stuck. Moves with the cursor keys correct this but it is really annoying. Therefore I now wanted to run SPE on windows with python(x,y). This proved to be a bit more troublesome than expected. After putting the _spe directory obtained from the SPE download on sourcefourge in the site-packages directory of python (\Python27\Lib\site-packages) simply running the script did not work. After running as python --debug from a command prompt I had the same problem as reported here (an error in Throbber.__init__). Luckily the solution reported on that same site also fixed the problem:

Moving initialization of _filename, _running, and _position to before the call to GIFAnimationCtrl.__init__ resolves the problem.

Interestingly on openSUSE I experienced the same problems. But there I also had to edit (_spe\sm\wxp\ In the function setTitle of the class Child(Framework) I commented the calls to self.SetTitle (lines 988-991). Calling self.setTitle instead of self.SetTitle (mark the capital) does not fix the problem (you get a maximum recursion limit error instead). The commenting of the code does not seem to affect the execution of SPE. The only remaining problem on openSUSE with SPE is now that I can only run it as root.