Friday, February 22, 2013

Location drive specification MinGWPortable

A long time ago I found a portable version of MinGW somewhere on the web. It is sometimes very convenient to have a gcc compiler ready to run on a computer that is not your own. However, I used it mainly on one computer and when I finally did try to run it on a different machine it didn't work. The problem was that it was looking for the MinGW and msys stuff on the wrong drive. Although not very portable it is easy to change this as long as you remember that msys emulated a unix environment! Just change the drive in


It took me some time to find this. But instead of searching myself I could have looked here.

Somehow I am no longer able to find my original MinWGPortable on the web anymore. That is a pity because the msys terminal is extremely nice: you can resize it in any direction! Perhaps I should have another look here.

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