Wednesday, March 6, 2013

cython -mno-cygwin problems

The command I use to compile a cython extension on windows:

python build_ext --inplace --compiler=mingw32

(see also these two posts) has problems with newer mingw/cygwin installations. Already for some to the compiler option -mno-cygwin is no longer used and the mingw compiler should be called directly. When you run the script with the compiler flag as shown, however, python automatically adds the -mno-cygwin flag. This then stops the compiler. The best solution for this I have found so far is to change the


file. Simply remove the -mno-cygwin option everywhere in the definition of the Mingw32CCompiler class (just search for no-cygwin in this file and you will find it).

Looks like I also could have googled this instead of finding out again how to use grep to search in subdirectories which is not as simple as adding the -r option ( find ./* -type f -exec grep -l "no-cygwin" {} \;).

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